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This community is dedicated to the fine art and subtle science of photobooths.

There aren't many rules, but it is much appreciated if they are followed.

1. Absolutely no SPAM. It will be deleted.

2. Mac Photobooth images are not allowed.

3. Please make use of tags! Each entry should be tagged with relevant information. For example, if you're posting a strip that was taken in San Francisco, California, please use tags for "San Francisco," "California," and "USA." That way, it can make it easier for people to find things based on a locale. It would also be helpful if you wrote in the entry exactly where the strip was taken. ex: "Katz's Deli" If you don't know where it was taken, for example if it's a vintage strip you found at a flea market, it's ok if there's no location given. You should still mark it with a pertinent tag.

4. Before asking the location of a photobooth, please refer 1st to photobooth.net, 2nd to the tags, and if you still haven't found an answer, you can ask about it in the community. I know people don't have tons of time to troll the internet for information, so I'm not going to be strict about this rule.

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